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Highlights of my recent work. UX design following a Lean UX methodology.

In-app discovery features

This unique music making app takes the essence of jamming with your bandmates to the modern setting of a WhatsApp format. Music as chat. The ability to make instant music together no matter where in the world you are.

As group facilitator, I was tasked with guiding two fellow UX designers to adding a discovery feature to the app. The team at Endlesss were keen to achieve this whilst avoiding encouragement towards toxic behaviour that can stem from social features.

We set out using the Double Diamond design approach. Competitive analysis and 350+ hours of user interviews set solid foundations for a number of design studios, including one with the Endlesss team. We produced and tested multiple prototypes before going on to create the hi-fi prototype.

Our in-depth solution enabled users to organically tag their riffs and share to a news feed as well as bring the community closer by linking them to potential collaborators through second connections.

We also provided a discovery section that meets both users and business needs. Users can search globally, find and connect with new artists, along with locating public jams and venue based jams, bringing communities together in both digital and physical spaces. Whilst the business can showcase soundpacks, subscriptions and the full power of the platform through our research and recommendation for showcased editorial content.

We received great feedback from the Endlesss team and our proposition will play a key role in their next development phase.

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Tate Modern

Interactive Curated Tours - Native app

This concept group project containing three fellow UX designers was focused around aiding gallery visitors discovery process and navigation. The challenge was to marry the online and digital experience with the physical one.

Collective ideation, prototyping, user testing and iteration led to our solution. A mobile application which provides curated interactive guided tours around the gallery. This allowed new and unfamiliar visitors not only a quick way to decide on what to do alone or with friends but complemented and enhanced their journey of discovery around the Tate Modern.

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Progress Hardware

E-commerce platform

An individual concept brief to propel a much loved and established local hardware store online. Information architecture was at the core of this project as well as translating their history, local knowledge and community spirit from an in-store setting to an online environment.

Contextual inquiry, in-depth competitive analysis and card sorting played key roles in setting the foundations of the site. Multiple rounds of iterations and user testing led to my solution, which targeted three key types of customer. It ensured that the process of locating, buying and receiving products was easy and intuitive for all but also included innovative delivery and guidance solutions.

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Muscle Mentor

Injury prevention - Native app

After interviewing a colleague I identified they had recently stopped working out due to injury. Preventing repetitive strain in their busy fitness schedule was the key challenge that I set out to solve with a native app.

Competitive analysis, crazy eights, storyboarding and user and wireflows based on a problem statement were key components in my process. Prototyping rounds from paper through to hi-fidelity with user testing throughout led to my final solution for this concept brief.

The app maintains their schedule and suggests complementary activities for each day based on muscle health. It allows the user to monitor their muscles' exhaustion level and recovery, leading to smarter and safer training. The feedback was that they would use this app if it were available.

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